Local 808 - Rhode Island

Judicial, Professional and Technical Employees



Rhode Islanders never have to worry about the many government services we often take for granted. They count on the fact that their phone calls to 911 will be answered and help will be dispatched immediately.  They know that the RIPTA bus will run, the courts will open, and that the person who answers the phone at your school will know your child’s name. This is because we have professional public service employees working to make sure that our government works for all of us.  They are members of LIUNA Local 808, and they are on the job solving problems and answering your questions day in and day out.  Our union members are the backbone of our civilized society. 


Our members are dedicated to serving Rhode Islanders and to helping make government work more effectively and efficiently. Many of our members have been on the job for 5, 10, 15, 20 or more years and are especially knowledgeable about the intricacies of our public services, whether it be the court system, government administration or the complexities of our transportation system.  Our members are also the frontline employees of your local school system, the people you see everyday, bus drivers, teachers aides and school secretaries.  We also represent the many dedicated healthcare workers who work in government facilities caring for the chronically ill.

                    Public Service

Our members know that public service is a calling and a commitment. Serving the public is job number one and solving problems is what we do. Whether that means patiently helping a citizen understand their tax bill or managing a state-wide emergency during a snowstorm or hurricane, Local 808 members get it done for you.  Our members are often the first to point out problems in a system, which could lead to costly fixes or charges of impropriety. We also provide a continuity of service during changes in political offices. As union members, we know we have an important voice in how the work gets done and that we cannot be punished for speaking out when pointing out improvements to the system.