Greetings from your Business Manager

Dear Sisters & Brothers,

I would like to take this time to thank each of you for your dedication and commitment to your job.   The Labor Day holiday is an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on organized labor and the American worker.  

We celebrate Labor Day because it is a reminder of how organized labor has benefited the American worker. Although strides have been made, the fight continues today.

On behalf of Local Union 808's Executive Board, I wish you and your families a happy and safe Labor Day holiday. 

In solidarity,

Karen Hazard 


Outstanding 808 Members!

Michelle received an award for Exceptional Superior Service as the Emergency Management Training Officer while assigned to the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency from July 31, 1988 to present.


Michelle is well-known and recognized, throughout the State and Region as a true professional and training expert. Year after year, she has made a difference in how Rhode Island prepares for, responds to and recovers from human-caused or naturally occurring events.  Michelle has participated in many disasters, incidents and special events during her assignment at RIEMA.  From the 1991 Banking Crisis, the Y2K Millennium Bug, the 2004 Station Fire, and numerous Blizzards, Floods and Hurricanes, Michelle has continued to be a trusted and valuable member of the RIEMA Team. Michelle has single-handedly managed the delivery of a wide-range of training from cybersecurity, radiological, hazmat, multi-hazard planning for schools, search & rescue, critical incident stress management, incident command system, as well as numerous conferences and seminars to name only a few.  Altogether, Michelle has delivered 800 courses, training approximately 34,000 students; truly a significant achievement worthy of special recognition.      



Ken Baker was the recipient of the Employee of the Quarter Award for superior performance for the Quarter.  Ken was selected by a peer selection committee for this hard work on the Statewide Shelter Logistic project.

Did you know?

Know of a member who is sick?  Did one of our union members experience a recent loss?  Anything of this nature requiring acknowledgement in our newsletter should be sent to  Our Good and Welfare committee will also send an appropriate card to the person(s).

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