Stewards listed by Agency

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Department of Administration

·Thomas DeFazio, Secretary- Treasurer
o    574-8584

Department of Human Services

Dennis Lopes
o  462-6422

Department of Motor Vehicles



Department of Transportation

Terrence Callahan (East Providence Garage)
o   919-8184

Diane Duhaime
o  563-4244

Kevin Goulet          (Stripping Crew - Warwick)
o  578-8218 (cell)

Mark Jamiel           (Bristol facility - Portsmouth)
o   683-1070

Khoren Souvalian  (2 Capital Hill, Providence)
o  640-9175

Domenic Rossi     (Traffic Highway lighting -                                                                       Warwick)
o  575-0176


· Rene Coutu
o    374-9824

 Kenneth Pomposelli
o    374-4544 (cell), 459-0920 (office)

Emergency Management

Paul D'Abbraccio
o    413-9405

Laurie Hersey, Auditor
o    462-7140

Richard Jones
o    413-9406


Fire Marshal's Office

 Paul Manning
o  952-1868 (cell)
o  889-5477 (office)

Johnston School Department

·Lisa Annicelli
o    230-2719

Barbara Beal
o    419-7222

Judy Kawa, Field Representative
o    639-6391

Stephanie Santilli
o    639-3876

Christine Spears
o    556-7494

Cheryl RicciAuditor
o    258-6531

Cheryl Arnold
o    808-1637

Johnston Town Hall

 Vincent P. Baccari, Jr. 
o    553-8830



Mike Castelli
o    413-2451

Carla Ciccone, Recording Secretary & Field Representative
o    275-6527 (office)

Claudia Porrazzo, Vice President
o    222-8731

Jeanne Rinaldi
o    222-3602

Jay Taylor
o    458-5009 (office)


Public Defender's Office

Ronald Amoroso, Sergeant At Arms
o    648-1155 (cell), 222-1630 (office)



Diane Cappalli
o    497-5963 (cell), 784-9500 extension 1409 (office)

RI State Police

Linda Slader
o    764-5905

Secretary of State's Office

Richard Hite
o    330-4809

Johanna Petrarca
o    222-3040


Town of Westerly, Town of Hopkinton & Town of Charlestown

Jace LaPlante
o    741-3025(cell), 596-2022(work)


Westerly School Department & Bus Drivers

Karen Abruzzese, Field Representative
o    595-9461

Anne Calo
o    447-2211 (cell)

Mark Doescher
o    316-9574

Jennifer Cugini
o    860-333-0298

Caryn Malaghan
o    741-4239

Brenda Poole
o    952-3361 


Zambarano Hospital

Kerri Hall
o    474-1989 (cell)
o    567-5559 (office)

Reynolds Hull
o    226-1141